9 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Design Tips for Spring

9 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Design Tips for Spring

It's the time of year to refresh your outdoor space. But with the emphasis on eco-friendly living, you want to make sure you do your part for the environment as well!

We get it. 

So, here are three outdoor design tips for a chic new garden area, that is conscientious of the environment. Just in time for Spring.

#1 Sustainable Sectionals

Sectionals are in! Creating cozy outdoor lounges with sectionals is a way of making your home feel bigger with an additional 'room'. Plus, outdoor lounges are awesome for entertaining. Shove everyone outside at a party and you've got a lot less dirt and mess to deal with afterward. 

The downside? A lot of traditional outdoor furniture is made from plastic or synthetic materials.  

The answer, however, is easy. Stick to sustainable materials, and always opt for reliably sourced furniture. 

Another alternative is to make your own! Here's an awesome DIY sectional you can create for your outdoor space: 


#2 Solar Powered Lighting

Powering up your backyard generally isn't an eco-friendly way to go. But, that doesn't mean you have to stay in the dark ages! Solar panel technology is becoming more consumer friendly, and if you live in a state where you get a lot of sun, it's the perfect choice.

Opt for cute solar lights to line your pathways and frame your seating areas in case you want to spend a few warm evenings outside. 

#3 Chic Upcycled Planters

Avoid buying new planters; there's plenty of alternatives that add a chic, vintage feel to your outdoor space. You can repurpose anything, from old wellies to kitchen pitchers. Or, why not upcycle an old bucket into a birdhouse?!

You can shop our unique planters here. Or, check out some of these cool DIYs:

6 Other Ways To Make Your Garden Space Eco-Friendly 

  • Avoid pesticides and chemicals in your gardening routine.
  • Make your own compost using your food waste.  
  • Conserve water by collecting rainwater in a rain barrel.
  • Eco-friendly dividers like bamboo or vines can offer great natural screens for outdoor spaces.
  • Grow plants that attract bees and natural wildlife.
  • Get a bug hotel! Attract good insects and bugs into your garden by creating an environment they will enjoy. Here's a cool DIY project that doesn't detract from your existing decor: 

With a bit of thought, your new outdoor space can be designed with eco-friendly and sustainable living in mind! How are you eco-friendly in your garden? 

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