4 Marie Kondo Orgnaziation Tips We Can Get Behind

You may have seen or heard of Marie Kondo from her big Netflix show 'Tidying Up', but actually, she's been around a while. 

As an organizational consultant, she developed the KonMari method to help individuals deal with the endless clutter in their lives and help them create a healthier, happier environment at home.

Now, that's not to say we agree with everything she's putting out (only 30 books? No thank you!), but there are some lessons to be learned about keeping your space clean and organized. 

We've tried her tips, and here are 3 of the essentials you need to start doing yourself! 

#1 The KonMari Fold

You’d think you would know how to fold clothes by now, right? Nope.

Turns out this revolutionarily simple technique will save you a ton of space, and allow you to see everything in your dresser. No more rummaging and forgetting about your favorite pants buried in the depths of the closet!

The KonMari fold method just takes three easy steps:  

Step 1: Make it skinny
Step 2: Fold in thirds
Step 3: Store it upright

Here’s Marie Kondo showing you how it’s done properly:

We’ve tried and tested this technique and it’s a game changer! Not just for organization and storage but for keeping things tidy long-term.

(And no. The clothes don’t get wrinkly if you do it properly.)

#2 Confronting Your Clutter

Nothing shames you like staring at a big ‘ol pile of junk that you’ve accumulated over the years. Marie Kondo expects you to deal with items in certain categories, in a certain order. Namely:

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Miscellaneous Items (Komono)
  5. Sentimental items

The technique here is to get everything out that relates to that category - such as clothes - and make a pile. The idea, again, is simple. You look at all your stuff, you then question if you need it. In the pile, you can see everything (read: lots and lots of clothes) that you have accumulated over the years, where you might have doubled up, and what you actually need. 

Many might gawk at the prospect of making your big pile, but it’s a refreshing and sobering experience, that forces you to confront exactly what you own. When we tried it, it took several days just to get through the clothes alone, but it was worth it! (8 bags sent to Goodwill later...)

Then, of course, you have to decide what you want to keep. 

Which brings us on to the next tip.

#3 Does It Spark Joy?

Marie Kondo says:

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.”

This is probably one of the most controversial tips, with many wondering if they should start throwing out their kitchen strainer (because no one likes cleaning that thing right?).  

But, it’s not actually a bad idea. Some stuff is easy; if you don’t want it, use it, or care about it, toss it. But what about those things you keep ‘just in case’ or the little collections you make?

Those are hard to get rid of items.

Taking each item, giving it time and deciding what it brings to your life, makes you mindful of the accidental hoarding tendencies you've developed.

We didn’t end up throwing out any kitchen utensils, but, we did get rid of a lot of other things that were just...there.

And that’s probably the point isn’t it?

Here's the expert herself explaining the concept: 

#4 Don’t Buy To Fit Your Storage

Marie Kondo made a valid point in her show. We all have a tendency to fill storage spaces rather than use storage to store things we actually want. Which defeats the point!

You shouldn’t buy storage options until you’ve finished organizing each section. That way you have an accurate read on how much storage you need (or don’t). You may even find that a piece of storage furniture has now become redundant, so get rid of it! Don’t allow it to be another empty space to fill up later.

When you're done, check out our cool Kondo-style storage options so you can organize your house - and keep it that way! 




Sep 13, 2020



Sep 13, 2020

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